CONTACT MEif you would like me to read a preview of your E-Book so I may decide to buy a printed copy if you have one. (If you don't, I will still post all the stories that I love here.) These are the titles on my list that I want to read so far. As I read them I will put them at the top of my reading suggestions... only if I love it. Genres I choose from include horror, memoir, fantasy, science fiction, and poetry (of course!). I like dark reads most of the time, so if you feel like your novel is dark enough for me, I would also try crime and drug novels along with dark romance and possibly (if it's really good) an erotica flick or two. I'm really an all-around book person, and always leave reviews for the books I like. Currently, I am reading from authors that I've never heard of, so it's open season. :) Enough chit-chat, though, here's my need-to-read list:

  • Girl, Interrupted by 

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I'm currently in the process of designing this page for book reviews. Books that I purchase, whether in print or e-book, will eventually hit this page. E-books are a pretty new concept to me. That is your warning. They tend to hold my interest less than having a book in my hand, but I am searching for e-books filled with poetry. I have found a couple that I love so far, including the sample provided for Poetic Asylum by Soulistic Poet. As soon as I purchase the book, I will publish to the website and provide the review when I'm finished reading. I do not accept payment for reviews, I simply love sharing the books I read with others. Books that can be found on Amazon are limitless, really, and I intend to explore the world of e-books one step at a time. There really are some gems out there, there's just so much that it can be overwhelming. This is where my social media comes in. If you are friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, send me a message with a link to your book and I'm always happy to read a description and flip through a sample. If I think it's worth putting into my electronic bookshelf (which i'm ashamed to say is pretty empty compared to my physical bookshelf), I will buy it. If I buy it, I will not only review it on Amazon. It will also be posted here in by digital bookcase.Enjoy my suggestions and keep in mind that I haven't fully dove into buying new books for a long time. I read all the time, but they're usually short stories that I find on blogs.... Those will be on the blog page in the future. Books that I have read most recently will be listed towards the top of my reading list.

Nothing but Books!

Books on My Shelves

Printed Books (Hardback and Softcover)

  • The Holocaust Chronicle by Marily J Harran and John Roth is a history textbook that walks us step-through-step the genocide in Europe during World War 2. It's by far the most information you will find on the subject in one place and focuses only on "The Final Solution".

  • By Their Father's Hand by Monte Francis is from a reporter's perspective on a travesty of rape, incest, and religion. Francis tells the story of the Wesson family and their ultimate demise. He captures the emotion of the situation as best he can while recounting the facts and court cases regarding the Wesson children and their abusive home life.

  • Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor is where this musician talks about all his wounds from the past. At the same time, he tears open Christianity and calls out the falsities of "The Seven Deadly Sins" from the Holy Bible. As an agnostic, I've loved taking the journey back in time with one of my favorite artists of all time. This is the first of Corey's three available books and is what landed him on the New York Times "Bestseller" list.

  • Children of the Flames by Lucette Matalon Lagnado and Sheila Cohn Dekel is a compilation of stories from the twins at Auschwitz. A must-read for any history buff, these tales of loss describe perfectly how humans were used as test-bunnies during World War 2. The twins that were studied by Josef Mengele and his colleagues all have stories from a child's perspective that makes this book that much more traumatizing.

  • The Complete Maus by Art Spiegleman is a very unique Holocaust book where the memoirs are written by the victim's son. Art's Pulitzer prize lies in this awesome cartoon that brings the Holocaust to life for us. It's something we can relate to on a visual level as he makes members of his very own family cartoons that resemble mice in a maze. It's a pretty quick read, but still gives us so much insight at what a regular Jewish family encountered during the Holocaust. More importantly, it shows how WWII impacted the next generation of at least one child.

  • Superstitious by R.L. Stine was my first "adult" book, and even today it still strikes me as amazingly gruesome. There's someone... or something... killing people in the night. The author of Goosebumps was dead to me after this novel because I knew then that Stine was capable of something so much more terrifying. I still have a few Goosebumps books left on my shelf, along with the Fear Street Series... but when I want to read a good scary book that I've read a million times, Superstitious is always where I turn.

  • Angela's Ashes and 'Tis by Frank McCort are a set of memoirs from an Irish boy about his family and their many sorrows. With an alcoholic father, Frank had it rough in both Ireland and America. There is no war stories, just the story of his life and the feelings that came with it. With memoirs being my weakness, it wasn't too long before I wasted through the first book and was forced to wait for the second one to be shipped.

  • Night by Eli Wiesel is just one of Eli's many books. I have yet to read many of them (they will be found below on my "need-to-read" list), but after reading Night when I was a child I was hooked on the stories of the Holocaust. It was probably my first memoir and possibly the most memorable to this day.D

E-Books (May also be available in print, but I don't own it yet)

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