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Recycling and upcycling videos might be something that I do in the future. Until then, I keep adding channels to my YouTube account. I've subscribed to almost everyone that I can find. It's completely possible to make your own everything from jewelry to clothing used "scrap" anything. When dealing with fabric, you can wash or cut away anything. I wouldn't suggest underwear or anything, but onesies turned into quilts are adorable! Below you will find all my favorites:

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Don't Forget About the Environment!

It's our job to take care of the environment, and I spend some of my blog pages covering issues regarding our beautiful Earth. While shopping on Amazon, I always find new helpful items that I can use in my attempt to be as "Green" as possible. For example, recycling bins come in small, large, and even medium-sized containers. Prices for these items will range accordingly.

When looking to make my own compost heap, I have found very small and larger kits to reduce waste at home. Items that can decompose such as banana peels, chicken bones, and other various items can be placed into a compost heap and the fertilizer it creates can be applied to grass seed, flowers, or even trees. When fertilizing your foliage, keep in mind that not all will use the same fertilizer. Different plants sometimes cause for different minerals. For example, roses require a special fertilizer to help them thrive. In addition to compost, worm factories are also available for making your own fertilizer.

Planting trees in your area can also help clean up a littered neighborhood. Common trees include: pine, elm, oak, ash, and maple. These trees can be planted in many areas, but be sure to check climate conditions whenever you plant anything in your yard or in a a public area. Seeds for more exotic trees like eucalyptus could be trickier to grow, but would definitely be worth the effort if you are in a compatible area.

When in public, be sure to throw away your own garbage and keep track of recycling you may want to take home for proper disposal. If you see something on the ground, especially if it is cluttering nature, pick it up and put it in a proper receptacle. You may want to carry a eco-friendly bag with you for when such things occur.

If you wish to go on environmental adventures, be sure to arm yourself with a stick used for poking garbage and a bag that can be reused for collection of items you may come into contact with.

The Craftier You Are...

Aside from my World of Warcraft fanfiction, I also blog from time to time about subjects other than gaming. I feel strongly against bullying and enjoy helping others with my writing if I can. I also enjoy sharing my TV likes, music likes, and I'm sure there will be many more topics before I retire my hubpages account. (Which is not in the near future.) Enjoy the rest of my blogs! :)

Artists have a real advantage when it comes to helping the environment. For sculpture artists, almost any material can be used. If you have a little bit of space to play with, there are recycling machines that can be bought small enough for a garage or work-room. It's a great dream of mine to build up such a garage so that I can accept material to refine into art products that I can. As for now, I'm recycling the old-fashioned ways and I am very fortunate to have an easy way to do so in my area. In less populated areas, garbage pickup can be a chore and people forget altogether that they can recycle. As I find books regarding home recycling, I will post them on the books page. If you can find a way to profit from all of the soda bottles you usually collect with your garbage... there might even be a little bit of profit for you. My main concern is the carbon footprint we leave behind so the books I find will not always reflect a money-earning aspect.

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