I went a little crazy when I started opening up media accounts. Now, I'm also on Instagram... I am not always active on each account, but I do still own them - otherwise I would shut them down altogether. Below, I've listed anywhere you can find me on the world wide web.

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Looking for Poets

As I scour the internet, poetry seems to be a more difficult literature to find. I'm not talking about poets that already have collections on Amazon - like Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath or T.S. Elliot: they're everywhere, anywhere to choose to shop for books. I want to see what our voices of The Millennium sound like. I have found some live, fresh authors that I enjoy reading, such as Steve Downes and Shel Silverstein... the 90's still count as current when it comes to literature for me. If you are a poet, and you would like me to sample your book, send me an email! 

Poetry is probably my favorite form of writing, although recently I have been testing out my skills in fiction to blend in a little bit better with the sea of authors on Amazon. If it's hard to find poetry, you can imagine how hard it is to sell it. In the past, I have written scary stories, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a novel when I finish up with my poetry this summer.

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Don't forget to live... and love... and bring peace to others...



Searching for Warcraft buddies

If you would like to add me as a friend on World of Warcraft my battle tag is AFerg824 #1195 and you may feel free to send me a friend request. Happy gaming!

Art saves lives, poetry creates music, and music cures the soul.



Recently (November 8th, 2016), I released my second collection of poetry. "From the Heart of Alexis" can be considered the raw version of "Cuts and Slashes of a Bloody Poet." in many ways. At the beginning of the year, I didn't realize that I could publish and print the book in paperback with just a little bit more effort, and published it as an eBook on Amazon. As I republished through createspace.com, the book expanded, and many edits were made. Eventually, it grew into an entirely different book altogether. I still wanted poetry to be the first book I published in print, so "Cuts and Slashes of a Bloody Poet" was born. This book is also available on Kindle for any country outside the U.S. to have access to with ease. If you cannot find a version for your country, email me and I may be able to help you in finding a working link.

I also love games of any kind, music of most forms, and love of every color, sexuality, and size. I write about my love of music and other entertainment in my blog at hubpages. Any other social media is listed below... because I have a few of them. By a few, I mean you could follow me for days and read the stuff I haven't seen in months. Enjoy, and thank you again for visiting!